Asset Tracking and Management Made Simple.

AssetFactor automates basic asset management functions such as check-in/check-out, audit, maintenance forms, and more. It runs on your computer or smartphone so you don’t need to buy scanners. With AssetFactor you gain centralized, mobile visibility of all your assets, including where they are, who has them and their maintenance status.

Benefits include:

  • Quick set-up, easy customization
  • Total asset visibility
  • Uses your smartphone camera as a scanner
  • Integrated label store
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Over 1,000 users rely on AssetFactor to manage millions of assets including military/law enforcement property, university assets, consumer goods, transportation/logistics assets, manufacturing equipment and rental properties.


Fast, Simple Set-Up
Upload or scan in your asset data and you are ready to perform audits, check-in / check-out, work orders, maintenance checks and many other asset management functions. 

Unlimited Assets
Scales from a few hundred to millions of managed assets. Add new users or locations in seconds. 

Uses Your Existing Smartphones
No new hardware is required ~ simply download the app to your smartphone or use the web app on any computer or tablet-the device’s camera is the scanner.

Data Control
Will not allow users to input duplicate data. Rules can control data format (characters, check digits, etc.).  Connect with other systems as a mobile front-end data cleanser for your data.

Reliable & Secure
Hosted on triple-redundant, military-grade cloud environment with SSL encryption.


Check-In / Check-Out
Assign any asset temporary or permanent ownership to a person, location or mobile work station. Commission new assets prior to release.

Custom Data Fields
Add custom data fields to track asset-specific information. Fields can be closed-ended (single-select or multi-select), open-ended, media files (pictures, videos) or GPS coordinates.

Custom Forms
Create forms that require users to conduct tasks such as audit, maintenance operation or any other function. Assign tasks to a group of assets or workers.

Bulk Import, Export & Data Manipulation
Upload your assets (and associated data) one-by-one or in bulk using the Excel import tool. Export asset data for custom analysis. Change asset data individually or in bulk when required.

Integrated Label Store
Buy barcode tags on Camcode’s barcode store.

Use Cases

Mobile/Remote Asset Tracking

Field Worker Management

Equipment Maintenance

Inspection Management

Rental/Lease Equipment Tracking

Firearm Management

Property Management

Audit Reporting

Digital Work Orders

Warranty Tracking

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AssetFactor was developed by Camcode®, a recognized worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of durable pre-printed bar code labels and customized services for asset tracking applications utilizing automatic identification and data capture. Since 1979 Camcode has been on the cutting edge of barcode based asset tracking.  In addition to software and labels, Camcode provides a variety of on-site engineering solution for organizations looking to track assets including data management, marking specs, data reconciliation, label installation and training. Camcode is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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